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scuba zoomed
I'm finding the "sit here and watch this ad before the journal entry loads" advertising here on LiveJournal annoying.

Seems like a lot of my other friends on here have left. Is it time to jump ship?

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Well, if you do jump ship, please let the peanut gallery know where you jump to so we can follow.

I definitely will leave a pointer to where I go, if I leave.

I keep hoping that the Russians who bought LiveJournal will start doing some neat things. For a while there, it seemed like LiveJournal might have been the red-headed stepchild the parent company didn't care for. (I don't remember who that was.)

I haven't seen any advertising, and I'm not a paid account. I think the ad blocker app I added to my Mozilla browser did that.

Having said that, I've been posting much less frequently since I settled into a Facebook friends' list that suits me. Not quite ready to delete it yet though :)

I'd wondered if it these advertisements hadn't been blocked by Ad Block Plus I used to have installed. I got a new computer, and haven't installed it, yet.

I've been told that people who have read this think that the ads give me money. That's why I added the "I don't get any money from the advertisements on this site. That all goes to LiveJournal" bit on the right of my pages.

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