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New iMac
scuba zoomed
Last week, I got a brand new top-of-the-line iMac.

It is great.

The screen is gorgeous. I don't just mean it's "big" (which it is at 27" diag.): I mean the graphics are beautiful. On my Dell at work, I can see columns of pixels running down the screen. Not on this thing. White is white, not white with tiny stripes. It really puts that Dell monitor to shame. And, my co-workers lust after my fancy Dell monitor. This iMac's screen is absolutely superior.

The colors are beautiful.

It's super fast.

I'm freaked out (in a good way) to see VirtualBox running Windows applications side-by-side with Macintosh applications. I mean, their windows are interleaved: Windows is "rootless" to use X11-lingo.

I got the wired keyboard with numeric keypad rather than the tiny wireless keyboard. I use numeric keypads often, and have never once cursed a keyboard that has one (though, my roommate has. yep, he's reading this). It's a very flat keyboard. Almost like a laptop keyboard. I don't love it, but I don't hate it. I think I loved my last Apple keyboard. And the one before that. This one is very quiet.

It came with a Magic Mouse. I tried it. Doesn't fit my hand. So, I switched back to my Logitech, which I love. The paint is coming off, and I've replaced a switch in it, but I keep using it because it's just great. "Logitech Wheel Mouse" or "RX250" shape. Perfect.
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