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scuba zoomed

“Windmills Do Not Work That Way!”*

The life and hobbies of a firmware/software developer.

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I'm so out of the loop: HyperThreading (SMT) is back.
scuba zoomed
I'm shopping for a new computer, and didn't even realize that "HyperThreading" (what has been called "SMT" for ages by "academics") is back.

The Intel Core i7 has HyperThreading. And, of course, SMP: 4 cores per chip!

Wee! With that much power, I'll be able to edit my photos before I even take them!

My current computer is from 2002. Its instruction set was designed from the start to be 64-bit, and is big endian ("network order"). It seems weird to be shopping for a computer whose processor's original instruction set was 4-bits. Then 8-bits. Then munged to 16 and 32 bits. AMD, at least from a passing glance, did a good job of making 64-bit much more sane. Kind of weird, though, that there's only 16 architectural registers. My favorite 8-bitter has 32, but to be fair, some of them can't be used for all instructions (there's a split in the middle where some of them don't work with some instructions).