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scuba zoomed

“Windmills Do Not Work That Way!”*

The life and hobbies of a firmware/software developer.

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scuba zoomed
I'm a fan of PlantUML, despite some minor english translation problems:

PlantUML allows you to quickly write :

Edited on March 30, 2010: Added the word "minor" above.
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Indeed, english is not my native language. Sorry about that..
Feel free to send translation problems by mail : plantuml@gmail.com (or here)
Thanks & Regards,

Not a problem!

Thanks for replying. I really do think it's a great project. In fact, I'm using it right now!

When I get a free moment, I will definitely help with the translations: English is a bizarre language because of its many influences, and if I wasn't born into it, I'm sure it would frustrate me even more than it does already.

One of my favorite mistranslations is that rather than using "and," you used "et." I recognize that as Latin for "and." :) (It's on the sequence diagram page: "It is also possible to use <- et <--.")

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